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Research and Development Group

We have been aware of the importance of cooperation from the very beginning. Although we speak different languages and live in different countries, our goals are common. Many products, technologies, and solutions would not have been created without the exchange of the latest information, without the possibility of testing in different conditions, without experience from implemented projects, and without the results of basic research. We want to offer creative dynamic solutions, we want to use the potential of our development and production capacities. We can offer our customers something extra.

Research and development projects

We consider research and development to be the key to success. That is why we honestly build and develop a qualified team of experts in the field of special building materials, raw materials, structures, and technologies. Our research and development center then allows us to achieve the projected goals at the highest level, fully comparable to international competition. The results of research and development are reflected in the newly launched product lines, innovations in system solutions, and the preparation of new unique technologies. In solving research and development tasks, we work closely with several major domestic and foreign institutions, companies, and institutes.

Selected research and development projects

Research and development of mechanically and chemically resistant composites based on cement and non-cement binders and secondary raw materials

Determination of chemical resistance of elements from molten basalt, including the provision of methodology and evaluation of laboratory tests and subsequent study of material properties of basalt aggregates, for further research and development.

Tests and expert analyses in the field of silicate-based composite building materials

Tests and professional expertise in the field of development, innovation, and study of composite building materials with the use of special waste glass, designed especially for engineering structures and the production of prefabricated parts.

Tests and expert analyzes in the field of composite building materials produced using waste from the production of glass fibers

Research and development of new surface building elements - boards, which will be formed by municipal waste and special additives, including research and development of production line technology for their production.

ADWATEC: advanced technology for the production of construction boards from municipal waste

Development, innovation, and study of composite building materials based on hydraulic binders.

We are collaborating on a project to develop new technology for processing waste polyvinyl chloride.

ADREPTEC advanced technology for manufacturing building elements from waste PVC.